Meet The Owner

Picture of Jim Hyslp and his family.
Jim Hyslop with his wife Caryn, sons David and Andrew, and daughter Katie.

Jim Hyslop was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. In Jim’s youth, his father Bill owned a distribution business in Eugene, called Hyslop Paper and Supply Company.  It supplied the family’s financial needs, and provided an opportunity to grow up in a family owned business, where Jim spent many Saturdays at the company, doing chores and learning basic principles of business operations.

As a young adult, Jim attended the University of Oregon, studying business and business communications. 

During that time, he paid his college and living expenses working with a family-owned creamery, which focused on natural cultured milk products, where he learned food production skills and gained direct operational knowledge of manufacturing & production processes, including associated labor, overhead & production expenses, and their relationships to a company’s profitability.

After graduating from the University of Oregon, Jim continued working with the Creamery for five years, increasing his knowledge of business operations.  A hands-on work experience, coupled with close association with company administrators, led to his inventing mechanical and product formulation methods to dramatically increase production efficiency through the facility.  Many years later, those methods are still used by that company as it has continued to grow.

One of Jim’s lifetime objectives was to operate his own business.  That goal was achieved in 1999 with the purchase of RJ’s Industrial Packaging.  As a small company, its marketing focus was providing packaging and janitorial products to companies within a 50-mile radius of Eugene.  RJ's proudly serves the local community with the highest-quality customer service and top-quality products.


Jim is greatly supported by his loving wife Caryn, his sons David and Andrew, and his daugther Katie.